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Welcome to the Hotel King Resort

Hotel King Virat is a fully equipped business hotel located at Dasuya, Hoshiarpur. Hotel King Virat is specially designed for people travelling to Dasuya for various purposes. The hotel is a favorite location for visitors, as it is rich with luxury, comfort and great view. We provides you with all the amenities of deluxe accommodation along with best hospitality, blended with Indian and Continental cuisine by means of excellent 3 star facilities.


Jathedar Bahadar Singh Bharta

Prabhjot Singh Bharta

Satnam Singh Bharta



Our rooms feature private space for you with breath taking views. You will be in total comfort your stay with our rooms. These comfortable luxury suite rooms are designed keeping in mind the needs of a demanding and discerning business corporate traveller to give them a great night’s sleep with premium sound insulation and near-perfect black-out curtains. You will find the very special relationship between the staff, management and guests. The rooms offer you ‘close to home’ comfort having distinctive decor and colour scheme in rooms that captures the unique character of Jathedar Farms & Resort. We help you to make your stay ‘just right’ as these hotel rooms come with an option of modern amenities.


Distance: 500m

Old fort is situated in the north western region of Dasuya. It is one of the ancient monuments of Hoshiarpur which was witness of ancient era. It is firm belief of people in Dasuyta that five Pandavas stayed in this fort during their exile. People from all arround the state come prominently here to see the magnificent architecture of Indian chronology.